Thursday, January 7, 2010

Those darn jumper cables!

A Chinese-made item has entered our apartment. Well, it hasn't actually sprouted legs and walked in. The item in question, jumper cables, are out in the car, slowly turning to ice as the temperature drops.

Today was the day of The Cars. From an oil change and filters, to some weird concoction that Drew poured into the gasoline tank (don't ask me...), our cars should feel warm and fuzzy because we spent money on them today. But back to the jumper cables. Drew's car battery was dead, exhausted from several attempts to spurt to life when ice was freezing its insides. Drew was envisioning $10 cables made in China, while the gold-covered U.S. ones would come in at a whopping $100.

"Do we still have to buy the American one?" he asked, hopefully rooting for the cheaper Chinese option.

"Babe, our New Year's resolution? Call me when you get there."

I wasn't going to cave - not when it's only Day 7! But I also didn't want us to spend an outrageous amount of money on American cables. Drew checked out his concoction bottle carefully. No problem there, as it was made in the U.S.A. But when he grabbed the $10 cables out of the sale box, he had completely forgotten about "Made in China."

The good news was that he managed to revive the car (whose battery had never actually died) with his concoction and the cables weren't needed. They get to happily go back right where they came from - to the store, not China. So here's to hoping that neither one of our car batteries dies this year...


  1. You seriously would pay for $100 jumper cables??? Covered in gold???? You don't know ANYONE with jumper cables??? Props to you, for sure.