Friday, September 2, 2011

...and my blog asks, "Who the heck are YOU?"

I have neglected my poor blog frightfully for the past month or so. And then (this is even worse), it was the end-ish of August anyway, so I decided, what the heck? I should go all of August without writing a post. Just because. But it's officially the second day of September and I'm out of excuses.


It's nice to be back. ;)

Since I saw you last (err, spoke last?) I've lazed about at the lake for a week with family, road tripped it up to Boston and Philly with my mom and sister, and the finally, gone back to work. No news yet on the applications home front, but this (apparently) IS the month. Drew and I are hounding the mailbox in the hallway like fiends and hopefully, I'll have good news to report!

In the meantime, I'm photographing. A lot. Which is awesome!

First on the agenda, a maternity shoot (my first one!). My good friends Jake and Julie are pregnant. They've chosen to keep the baby's sex a surprise, so the wee one is lovingly referred to as Blueberry. ;)

Blueberry will be arriving sometime in early October. I can wait to meet the little boy or girl!

Friday, July 29, 2011

for the love of models

I admit it, I slacked off this summer when it same to shooting portraits. However - as it was bound to happen - I eventually got sick of shooting inanimate objects (and cats). It was time to move on to people. Thanks Hannah, Kristin, and Eliza for being inspiring (and posing)!

t.g.i.f...because then tomorrow's Saturday

This morning, I was in a wickedly bad mood.

I swiped red polish off my toes two days ago and yet they still look bloody. 

I never made my bed today. If I had, I could have 
(according to some university study) 
been less stressed today. Hmm.

My cat has taken to following me around. And sometimes crying.

I'm leaving for a min-cation tomorrow. 
First we head over the border 
(into TN, not Mexico)
for my niece's baptism, 
before coming right back to NC and driving to Durham.

I made homemade pizza and watched old episodes of Friends. 
Not the most epic way to spend a TGIF, but certainly not the worst. 

Chocolate, anyone?

Monday, July 25, 2011

when it rains, i pretend to be Martha Stewart

Today I donned my frilly red apron (not really) and spent some quality time in the kitchen. Living in a 1900's something Victorian means that a. I don't have AC and b. it gets really really (no REALLY) hot around here. In my case, a + b = c. I try not to use the oven if I can help it.

The sky darkened, the heavens opened up, and for a few hours, I basked in the hypnotic, peaceful sound of rain falling. It was bliss. It's much easier to stay inside when the day is dark and it's wet out (Cat in the Hat, anyone?). Plus I've got a great view out my kitchen window. Sometimes it's easy to forget that I live in a neighborhood where house butts up to house, since my yellow house happens to sit next to a large green space full of color. 

Since the rain brought deliciously cool weather in its wake, I decided to cook. Which means I ate like a queen today. For lunch, I pulled out an old favorite recipe, tomato, peach, & basil salad. The dressing alone is amazing - make a batch, pour into a Mason jar and shake (shaking makes the difference - the ingredients combine so much more nicely than if you stir), and refrigerate for later. I improvised by starting with a bed of spinach, adding the tomato, peach, basil, and dressing, than topping all that goodness with grilled chicken. I was in the middle of watching Bones later in the evening when I decided banana muffins were in order (yes, I'm strange. But when the fancy strikes, go with it!). I found a recipe that called for chocolate chips. Heck, yes! My muffins just came out of the oven, so I haven't tried one, but if the dough is any indication, these guys will be dee-licious.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

geek of the week

I swiped a shirt from my sister's closet yesterday. I should specify...it came from my fourteen-year-old sister's closet. Is that just plain sad? Or is it, in fact, awesome? This means that a) I fit in her clothes but b) I'm AM wearing a fourteen-year-old's clothing.

So the shirt is this intense shade of green that may just blind passersby. There's a large picture of Woodstock on the front and in big black letters at the top, "geek of the week." Now I don't have a huge attachment - any attachment, really - to the Peanuts crowd and I'm not sure if I consider myself a geek. Actually, probably not. But the t-shirt fits me nicely and I happen to love crazy printed tees. I threw on a blue jersey skirt and green Chacos with the Woodstock tee, then stood in front of the mirror, face scrunched.

"Is this too much?" I asked my semi-sleeping husband. "I look pretty ridiculous, don't I?"

"Nope, you look like a geek," the hubs said sleepily.

Friday, July 15, 2011

with this ring

The rings from a wedding I helped shoot at the end of June.
Humongous rock or what?!

This one's mine. I was so worried about the ring. I even suggested that hubby propose with a cracker jack ring, that way I could help pick out the real thing. But no, he was bound and determined to do it himself and to do it right. The jeweler didn't have the ring ready for the proposal {I insisted that this warranted a discount} so on July 4th, I received a box with clear lid. Inside, a winking diamond rolled around. A few days later, the setting was finished, the winking diamond was in...and my jaw fell to my brightly painted toe nails. 
Hubs had designed it himself and yeah, I was impressed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

we all know practice makes perfect...

I'm tiiiiired. And yet I really can't complain since the reason for the lack of sleep was a wonderful night of red wine and some excellent conversation with a dear friend. But I digress...I'm home from my writers' meeting and the high I 'm feeling, coupled with this blog post --> Perishable Skills - has got my creative juices bubbling. I wanted to share it with ya so that yours will be sure to bubble too!