Wednesday, July 20, 2011

geek of the week

I swiped a shirt from my sister's closet yesterday. I should specify...it came from my fourteen-year-old sister's closet. Is that just plain sad? Or is it, in fact, awesome? This means that a) I fit in her clothes but b) I'm AM wearing a fourteen-year-old's clothing.

So the shirt is this intense shade of green that may just blind passersby. There's a large picture of Woodstock on the front and in big black letters at the top, "geek of the week." Now I don't have a huge attachment - any attachment, really - to the Peanuts crowd and I'm not sure if I consider myself a geek. Actually, probably not. But the t-shirt fits me nicely and I happen to love crazy printed tees. I threw on a blue jersey skirt and green Chacos with the Woodstock tee, then stood in front of the mirror, face scrunched.

"Is this too much?" I asked my semi-sleeping husband. "I look pretty ridiculous, don't I?"

"Nope, you look like a geek," the hubs said sleepily.

1 comment:

  1. I thought you meant Woodstock, the crazy music-riddled drug fest from our nation's history...

    I was impressed, then I understood a sentence later. :D