Friday, July 15, 2011

with this ring

The rings from a wedding I helped shoot at the end of June.
Humongous rock or what?!

This one's mine. I was so worried about the ring. I even suggested that hubby propose with a cracker jack ring, that way I could help pick out the real thing. But no, he was bound and determined to do it himself and to do it right. The jeweler didn't have the ring ready for the proposal {I insisted that this warranted a discount} so on July 4th, I received a box with clear lid. Inside, a winking diamond rolled around. A few days later, the setting was finished, the winking diamond was in...and my jaw fell to my brightly painted toe nails. 
Hubs had designed it himself and yeah, I was impressed.

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  1. Can always borrow my camera + marco lens and do this with your ring :)