Monday, July 25, 2011

when it rains, i pretend to be Martha Stewart

Today I donned my frilly red apron (not really) and spent some quality time in the kitchen. Living in a 1900's something Victorian means that a. I don't have AC and b. it gets really really (no REALLY) hot around here. In my case, a + b = c. I try not to use the oven if I can help it.

The sky darkened, the heavens opened up, and for a few hours, I basked in the hypnotic, peaceful sound of rain falling. It was bliss. It's much easier to stay inside when the day is dark and it's wet out (Cat in the Hat, anyone?). Plus I've got a great view out my kitchen window. Sometimes it's easy to forget that I live in a neighborhood where house butts up to house, since my yellow house happens to sit next to a large green space full of color. 

Since the rain brought deliciously cool weather in its wake, I decided to cook. Which means I ate like a queen today. For lunch, I pulled out an old favorite recipe, tomato, peach, & basil salad. The dressing alone is amazing - make a batch, pour into a Mason jar and shake (shaking makes the difference - the ingredients combine so much more nicely than if you stir), and refrigerate for later. I improvised by starting with a bed of spinach, adding the tomato, peach, basil, and dressing, than topping all that goodness with grilled chicken. I was in the middle of watching Bones later in the evening when I decided banana muffins were in order (yes, I'm strange. But when the fancy strikes, go with it!). I found a recipe that called for chocolate chips. Heck, yes! My muffins just came out of the oven, so I haven't tried one, but if the dough is any indication, these guys will be dee-licious.

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