Friday, July 29, 2011

t.g.i.f...because then tomorrow's Saturday

This morning, I was in a wickedly bad mood.

I swiped red polish off my toes two days ago and yet they still look bloody. 

I never made my bed today. If I had, I could have 
(according to some university study) 
been less stressed today. Hmm.

My cat has taken to following me around. And sometimes crying.

I'm leaving for a min-cation tomorrow. 
First we head over the border 
(into TN, not Mexico)
for my niece's baptism, 
before coming right back to NC and driving to Durham.

I made homemade pizza and watched old episodes of Friends. 
Not the most epic way to spend a TGIF, but certainly not the worst. 

Chocolate, anyone?

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