Thursday, February 18, 2010


My brain is numb, eyelids are drooping, and the lovely idea of watching an hour of television has fled. It is 11:21 at night and I'm up, putting an article together. While shaping the mess of isolated paragraphs into a comprehensive, working whole, I've come to realize that I am a puzzle addict. I won't go near the real thing...nothing about a physical puzzle-on-a-table attracts me. But studying an article - pulling a paragraph from here to there, nudging a sentence up one line, pulling out the right voice for a particular magazine - is a challenge I relish.

The lopsided candle, my faithful companion for the evening, has burned steadily for hours now. The flame sways slowly against a cavernous backdrop, illuminating a pool of liquid wax. It is lost in its own musings.

Perhaps it's time to let say goodnight. Tomorrow is almost here.

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  1. Hehehehe I tried googling "English to Lithuanian dictionary" so that I could be all smart and write "Good night dear friend" ... yeah, total fail. ;)