Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring, please

Hailing from the land of practically perpetual sunshine, I was blissfully content with all the snow Asheville received this year. While other folks complained loudly, I (just as loudly) wished for more snow.

That was before Friday, March 19th arrived.

Balmy and bursting with warm rays of sun, it was the perfect spring day. I spent it hiking in Burnsville with Giedre, Ben, and Laura. The next day, Drew and I trekked to our neighborhood park, draped a blanket over the grass, and let the sun work its magic on our pasty complexions. Bliss!

Asheville's weather is torn between winter and spring - uncertain whether to dump another mound of snow on its weary residents, or to go ahead and allow spring to meander in over the mountains. Enough snow, I say. Bring on spring.

p.s. In other news, Chinese folks trying to access google.cn (China's censored Google sight) are now being re-directed to google.hk. After China's attempts to infiltrate gmail accounts, Google has stepped out of China and into uncensored Hong Kong, where it is currently sending Chinese Google-users. Hmmm...

From the Blue Ridge Parkway

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