Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dresses galore! But not for me. :(

Do you know how painful it is to go shopping with someone who is not boycotting China?

It's 100.1% difficult. Dillards, Charlotte Russe, TJMax, all stores with wonderful summer apparel that, unfortunately for me, was M.I.C.

Even shopping locally doesn't save me this time. It's not just the chain stores with their fifty million sister-stores world-wide that stock imported merchandise. One of my favorite downtown boutiques appears to only stock Chinese-made dresses. Trust me, I caused a small tsunami rifling through all the tags. And these are CUTE dresses. Airy strapless numbers adorned with sequins, adorable stretchy sun dresses, and cute cardigans tempted me at every turn in this place. Giedre loaded her arms with wonderful stuff and made her way to a dressing room. I followed, empty armed, bearing the title of "official sisterly support and critic" (that sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but anyone who has a sister will understand).

No pain, no gain, right? That's what I need to keep telling myself. I made a promise, and come cute dresses or not, I. must. stick. it. out.


  1. Can't imagine how that shopping experience went :( What local store did you go to?

  2. Virtue - it's off Lexington, I believe.