Sunday, June 20, 2010

Montreat College

Any objections out there to occasional posts that contain more photos than boycott-related text? No, you said? Excellent. The last time I posted a mess of photos, I was able to relate the shoot quite nicely to our boycott (you'll recall that Drew and I discovered - and subsequently lugged home - a free turquoise blanket while on a photo shoot in our neighborhood). So how about this - I promise that hidden somewhere in my photo-ridden post, I WILL poke in a sentence about our Chinese boycott?

Ben and I drove down to Montreat College this past Wednesday. I had never been before. This fact shocked even me, as the college is only twenty minutes away and I've lived here eight years. The rain came early, while we were eating dinner at the apartment, so when Ben and I arrived at Montreat, the weather was ripe for a shoot.


  1. Yay, pics of me! And my baby! :D

  2. I don't mind at all the occasional post with photos. LOVE your work!