Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Requested: your thoughts, please

I have a question.

Trade places for a minute and pretend you're me. You've given up China for 365 days because you can't stand how many jobs have been outsourced. You want to protest the condition of Chinese factory workers. You're tired of everything you pick up having the "Made in China" stamp. And darn it, China is a run by a dictator...and you're sick of supporting him with every Chinese purchase you've ever made.

You want to support local businesses. But if the a majority of their merchandise is made in China, what do you do? Should you support your neighbor - and China - by making a purchase, or take a walk?

Obviously, it's not the first time I've noticed that local shops carry an awful lot of Chinese games, teapots, dresses, robes, books (yep, BOOKS. Crazy.), picture frames, wine openers, shoes, etc. etc. and etc. But we went into a LOT of shops that day (what can I say? Drew and I were wiling away several enjoyable hours by exploring some really neat stores when this dilemma presented itself to me).

I don't have the answer.

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