Sunday, December 5, 2010

Iiiiiiiiii'm dreaming of a Chiiiiiiiii-nese puuuuuurse!

It's sno-o-o-o-o-w-ing!

I wanted to walk to Mass this morning (the Basilica is only four or five blocks away). But as Drew and I are not exactly the most punctual people in the world, we decided instead to clump down the stairs to my car. I'm tugging on a car door handle, Drew's yanking away on the other side. Nothing. The doors are frozen shut. So we walked. Trekking past the Indigo Hotel was especially brutal - when temperatures drop, an especially vicious wind tunnel forms there. It's all good, as I'm willing to suffer a little pain for the beautiful white stuff.

Oh, I had a China-related dream last night. Can you tell we've been at this for way too long? In my dream, Giedre and I are at Minx Boutique downtown and we're eying a dress? Purse? Mmmm, maybe it was a pair of shoes? Something sparkly bluish purple that we both want. It's made in China. Guess who walks out of the store with it? It was only a dream, but I remember being so upset. The item was CUTE, darn it, and I couldn't even buy it in my dream!

I love how expressive people are in candid photos. It's as if each person's inner soul is revealed randomly throughout her lifetime, but only for seconds at a time. A photographer has the capability to capture that second, suspending it in time. These are from a graduation shoot I did with Giedre, Chesnee, and Emily this afternoon.

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