Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off to the Beech

February --> should I start crying those winter blues? Nope, it's not March yet. March is for those pent-up, release-me-you-must winter blues. So then February = if life hands you snow, plan a ski trip!

From a few weekends ago...

My brother Gintaras

Katie's first time skiing. She was awesome! We had her going down a tricky blue square by the day's end!

Contemplating life

The breathtaking view across the street from Ben's house...

I'm secretly hoping that if we DO get more snow in the next week or two, Drew and I can make it up to Beech for round two. Western North Carolina has been hit with breezy spring weather all this past week...and it's February, for crying out loud! That just tells me there's probably a good snow storm right around the corner...


  1. Tricky blue square, indeed! LOL :) I only fell down 3 times on that one!