Tuesday, February 15, 2011

veggin' out

Drew and I love grocery shopping. Especially when we're hungry (heck, the brussels sprouts look DELICIOUS when it's 7PM and I haven't eaten dinner yet). But today, we had an entirely different sort of shopping experience.

We spent a good fifteen minutes in the veggie section of Ingles today, stocking up. Our fridge (which has never looked so full before - how did we spend less $$ and bring home more food?) houses lettuce, scallions, zucchini, apples, lemons, grapefruits, onions, sweet red peppers, carrots, ginger, frozen peas & corn, celery, and cilantro. Our cabinets are full of garbanzo beans and white kidney beans. Our snack of the choice for the next three months is unsalted, unbuttered popcorn (that sounds gross, but it's actually quite delicious. I'm picking up some hot sauce on Thursday...I'll bet you it'll taste even better then!).

I feel a little dumb admitting that I've always admired a toned stomach. Is that dumb? Anyway, I've always thought that a toned tummy would be a nice asset, but I've never had the motivation to do anything about it. We work out a few times a week and our diet includes homemade, healthy foods for the most part, but if a recipe calls for heavy cream, off to the store we trot. I enjoy making desserts during the weekend (have you ever made chocolate icing that calls for one entire stick of butter?) and our meat portion is usually bigger than the veggie portion (I saw a chart at my doctor's office that had the plate divided into 3 parts - meat 25%, carbs %25, and veggies/fruit 50%).

So Drew and I are taking the health plunge for the next 3 months, starting today. Drew wants to lose some weight (which apparently is easier for guys than girls...did you know that? Talk about an annoying fact of life. He told me that the female body hangs on to its body fat much more obsessively than the male body ) and I want to exchange some body fat for muscle. I'm hoping that also translates into a tummy that's slightly more toned. We're eating healthier (that translates into more veggies, less meat, and no sweets) working out more (that means 3 days at the gym consisting of 30 minutes of cardio and 15-25 minutes of mat/exercise ball stuff and 2 days at home doing 30 minutes of floor exercises). We're also checking out the nutritional facts on our food (calories, amount of sugar, fats, etc.) and trying to reduce our food intake.

I'm relating this not to brag (no siree, this is going to be rough - I'm a sweets girl all the way). I figured if I post this on cyberspace, I'm accountable to all of you. China boycott, anyone?!


  1. DO IT! I'm trying to eat way more veggies too. Its only been a week and I'm dying at the end of the day for some sweet food because like you, i have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I've settled for squirts of honey. Isn't that sad?! Hope you guys feel so much healthier after the three months that you don't want to change back!! Good luck!

    PS: let me see this wedding dress...no?

  2. Ooo, honey is so good! I might have to start doing that...this whole eating healthier thing has been a lot harder for me than Drew. He's been the motivator - even making me from-scratch sweet potato fries yest. when I was in the midst of a sugar low. ;) But I do feel so much healthier!

    PS You've inspired me. I'll do a wedding post myself asap!