Monday, June 27, 2011

of train whistles and schools and thoughts on a Monday night

The train is shrilling loudly, its insistent blasts disturbing the wide sheet of inky darkness that surrounds my apartment. I think maybe the train is trying to get my attention. Of all the strange quirks that this dear old apartment has shared with us these past two and a half years, the train is what I'm going to miss the most. No, I'm not moving away. Yet. But I hope to. The hubby sent out his first two applications this past weekend (he has three more to go, but those deadlines aren't for another few months).

As far back as I can remember, if I've ever really really wanted something, I would do what I could to make it happen. But I'd also refuse to spill the beans to anyone until the thing was a done deal. I felt that if I shared my dream with people, I'd jinx it. 

i.e. Hey, I'm hoping to get a really sweet job at so-and-so and I'm psyched! Then BAM, someone else gets the job.

See, that's the way my weird mind thinks. If I tell you what I really really want, it can't possibly happen. Well, goodbye to old ideas. Hubs is applying to five schools for their accelerated nursing program (i.e. he's hoping to get a second undergraduate degree in one year). This is our back-up plan, as he first attempted to get into grad school to become a physician's assistant (PA). Apparently, everyone and their kitchen sink decided to become a PA and so the proverbial market is flooded. This means that at each school, 800 or so PA candidates are fighting tooth and nail to get into a 50+ student program.

I will love you forever if you'd keep the hubs in your thoughts and prayers as he waits to hear back from nursing schools. We're both ready for that adventure; for that second step that's been a long time in coming. Thanks muchly!


  1. I love hearing trains at night. I actually remembered being able to hear them from our house in Fort Myers, as well. :) PS. Prayers a'coming!

  2. If there is a train in Asheville, why was it so inaccessible en route from Williamsburg? Dang.

    Thoughts and prayers sent your way! You will have new adventures in due time. In the mean time, you rock those amateur wedding-photographer gigs! The photos are lovely. :)

  3. Ha! Monika, unfortunately the trains I'm hearing are the non-passenger sort. But they DO make for great background noise! And thanks for the prayers, guys. It means a lot.

  4. he's definitely in my thoughts and prayers. i know what you mean about keeping things to yourself until they happen, but lately (i'm with you)i can't!!

    xo, love from ny.