Friday, June 24, 2011

on friday, i got off my butt

My persnickety roommate

I really wanted to pick up a pizza from Pizza Hut. But not just any old pizza. 
It would be a large, stuffed crust, cheesy pizza scattered with black olives. 

And maybe some green peppers. 

But hours earlier, I had come up with a cheaper & healthier solution:
a veggie burger w/the works (read: fresh lettuce, banana peppers, 
muenster cheese, as well as the usual duo, ketchup & mustard), 
pesto pasta, and pickles on the side.


But who wants to go to that effort?
It's Friday evening and I desperately wanted to be lazy
(does that make sense? Being "desperately" lazy? I didn't think so either).
But I was also lonely and bored
I'm still getting the hang of the whole being-by-myself-five-
afternoon/evenings-per-week thing.
The best medicine in the world (it ain't pretty) is doing something.

First I made a beeline for my stereo and popped in a CD. 
Bob Marley's soulful lyrics soon flooded the space.
No matter what anyone tells ya, if you're lonely, music helps a lot. For reals. 
And Marley is the ultimate in summer music.

And when I popped the first few pesto'd pieces into my mouth, 
let me tell you, it was all worth it. 
The veggie burger was delic as well. 

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  1. that always makes me feel good...when i force myself to DO something instead of being lazy! also: i'm sorry you're lonely! :(