Friday, July 1, 2011

...and how would you like your coffee?

Coffee dates with a girlfriend really are the bomb.

It's an excuse to wear something slightly nicer (after all, I'll be out in the world. It's not just me and the cats anymore, so I should look semi-nice).

I get to order an iced chai. I'd been craving one for days.

I'm socializing. Yay for me! While my boredom/loneliness has ebbed away over the past few weeks, I'm still alone most of the time. So socializing is a definite plus.

Girl talk is priceless, it really is. And the tangents our conversation took - motorcycles, money, maternity shoots - ya gotta love it. And no, we really didn't just stick to the letter m.

Plus, it's Friday. And we all know that stuff is just plain better on Friday.

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