Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Invasion of the Chinese Products

It has happened. Chinese goods have entered our home. *sigh* Spring is a HUGE birthday month for my family. In three weeks, we celebrated five birthdays (and this year, a college graduation to boot).

Drew and I decided that we wouldn't ask for presents of Chinese descent (that would be totally, 100% Amen cheating), but we also wouldn't bind family members to our boycott either. So without our say-so, a random assortment of objects wormed their way into our apartment, such as a memory card for my camera, a fishing pole, a disk drive, and a wireless card for the XBox (do you notice a recurring theme here with the electronics?). Are we returning these items? Nope. Are we considering ourselves traitors to our cause? Nah.

My explanation is this: it was birthday season. What was I supposed to do? *shrug*

Incidentally, the camera I got for my birthday was NOT made in China!


  1. That's funny - it seems like all the big-ticket electric items I look at are not made in China, but the accessories are. I wonder why? Lovely pic of Drew, btw.