Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 easy steps to boycotting China

Did you laugh at that title?

No? You should have. After boycotting China for one hundred and sixty odd days, I realized that we've adapted. But that's NOT too say it's been easy. No siree.

Meltdowns --> jeans + shoes = items I'm particularly crazy about = made in China. Just be grateful it was Drew and not you trudging through shoe store after shoe store that one Sunday afternoon, with me getting more and more upset...

Uncomfortable moments --> my car doesn't pass inspection because I need new tires --> I screw up my courage and ask where the tires are made --> bingo! --> NOT China!

Mad searches online --> I spend hours researching the perfect camera bag, only to realize that it's not technically new. This leads to a few days of nervously sweating it out to see if I won my bag on eBay...

There are days that I completely forget I'm even boycotting China. Other days, I want to (but don't) cry bitter tears that I am. ;-) My "solution" - if you can call it that - to a successful Chinese boycott is below. Please note that it's in order of importance.

1. Buy used
2. Borrow
3. Unfortunately, you just don't need it

I must admit that I've ignored #3. A lot. I don't want to hear, "You just don't need it." Who does? That's when my creative juices start to flow, computer keys are wildly punched, and I pull up eBay, Amazon, any site that might get me what I want, in a gently used condition.

I'm curious about "the next" item up for purchase - a pair of Chacos for Drew. Will we have to submit gracefully to #3? Chaco used to take pride in the fact that their outdoor sandals were made proudly in the U.S. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is no longer true. I have an email whizzing through cyberspace to Chaco at this very moment...

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