Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The first time, we were rained out. The second time around: success!

Drew and I have made it to two Concerts on the Quad (COTQ) performances - in a row! - so far. COTQ are summer music extravaganzas hosted at my alma mater, UNC Asheville, on the wide green space known affectionately as The Quad. Having worked these concerts for two or three summers when I was a student, I love the freedom that comes with being an attendee. No more turning dogs away as irate owners glare balefully (I happened to join the COTQ staff the year dogs were banned from the concerts); no more scooping out ice cream that is literally as hard as granite; no more lugging recycling bins back to Lipinsky Hall as dusk falls on the campus.

Don't get me wrong - my experience as a staffer wasn't all bad! I was working in the great outdoors to the soothing accompaniment of music (sometimes it was crazy and wild - just depended). My fellow staffers were awesome, I was outside ('nough said!), and I was being paid to listen to music. But honestly, work or freedom? ;) Lounging on a blanket with my pasta salad and chips in hand (one evening I'm bringing wine), enjoying an instrumental version of a Bob Marley piece...ahh....

They're dancing the conga! See? It's a rare night when folks don't make their way to the stage for some form of dancing - swing, salsa, slow, you name it.

PS Pick up an item made of glass and see if it was made in China. Chances are no. Not sure why this is, but so far, that has been my experience. Country of origin is usually U.S. of A. or Italia.

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  1. I think color pics are more flattering than black and white. I look like an old lady-which I am-but I don't need to!