Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was re-reading old blog posts and a few sentences from my Chaco post glowed florescent (Am I a vain, psycho person? Does anyone else out there do that? I like to see what I was saying back when... ;).

"Drew says they look hippie - if you live in Asheville, this is a true statement. Chacos DO = hippie in my neck of the woods. Where them anywhere else and you'll just be a normal American. ;)"

Ladies and gents, I MUST correct myself. I can't help it. Drew says Chaocs look hippie. If you live in Asheville, this is false. For those who pay attention to footwear as I do (I'm a sole lover. Can't help but check out other people's footwear!), you'll spot Chacos all over the place: in the greenie store, downtown, occasionally at the mall (well, on me, at least), at church, you name the place and I've probably seen 'em there. Wear Chacos in Asheville and you're a normal American. Wear them anywhere else - ahhh, you're a hippie weirdo.

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