Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 4th

A few shots from our 4th of July barbecue...

Max, the newest addition

Drew and Katrina, scheming

The nasty caterpillar, intent on destroying Mom's potato plants...

Fresh peaches - in miniature size - right off the tree!

P.S. Ten Chinese workers at one of Foxconn's plants have committed suicide this year because of bad working conditions. Foxconn is a manufacturer of electronics - said to be the largest in the world - for big companies such as Apple, Dell, Nokia, and others. Check out "Rash of Suicides in China where Apple Products are Produced" at http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/string-suicides-apple-manufacturer-china/story?id=10789704&page=1 or "China Suicides: Is Apple headed for a consumer backlash?" at http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/Apple-iPad-suicides-china-suppliers for more. A quote from the latter article stood out...

"Ultimately, labor groups say, the responsibility for factory conditions lies in the hands of consumers who buy the products. Chinese factories have taken over the consumer electronics production industry not because of special know-how or technology, but because there is a huge supply of cheap labor," writes Kathleen E. McLaughlin of Global Post.

We need to do something; we need to make a difference.


  1. mmmm...peaches! I didn't even know we HAD a peach tree. I like the photo with Mumsie and the peaches, but I would have gotten closer to her hands and the peaches. :) love the garden pics, too.

  2. Yeah, I would've too, but it was a very, "Here, let me take a picture of you!" sort of shot. Quick!