Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's much more challenging - aesthetically speaking - to photograph a guy. Let's face it, a guy's wardrobe tends to consist entirely of dark, muted colors, he's not jumping at the change to strike an interesting pose for the sake of art, and he has very few, if any, accessories. You read that last part right. ;) Girls come complete with rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair do-dads, hats, scarves, and of course, the cutest shoes ever. So when Esther said yes to a photo shoot, I ran (notice that I didn't jump) straight to her home for the chance. These are some of my favorites...

This one = my absolute favorite

P.S. Did you know that it IS possible to find sneakers from somewhere other than China?! I must admit, I was skeptical. To me, sporty sneakers = Chinese born and bred. Drew and I are running our very first 5K in August and Drew's sneakers are not only old, but he wasn't even the first owner. They also bestow him with blisters. Suffice it to say, he needs new footwear. We went shoe shopping today - to a place that I secretly nicknamed "China Carnival" - and lo and behold, it is very possible to find a few Nikes, Adidas, and Ascic sneakers from Indonesia and Vietnam. I never knew...

These babies are running a 5K! Shh, they don't know yet.

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