Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Kingdom for a Key!

This is no figurative key that I’m talking about, folks. When I say “key,” I mean the real deal: long, brass, curvy in all the right places, an actual “Indian in the Cupboard” sort of key.

The mechanism to our bedroom has been faulty for weeks. I usually come hurtling towards my door, intent on grabbing something important, such as a pair of socks, only to remember (when my body hits the door) that it will take a few tries before I will see inside. So I start fumbling with the doorknob. You’ll remember that our ancient yellow house is no stranger to the early 1900’s. This means that our floors do slope; some of our light switches are, in fact, buttons that push in and out; and our doorknobs are huge, brass, and have an old-fashioned keyhole that you can see through. It usually takes three or four anxious twists of the knob before the wooden door pops open.

My husband has proven himself to be quite the handyman, a fact that I was aware of when I married him, but I don't think I fully realized how useful it would be! If something is stuck, creaky, wobbly, broken, clogged, sputtering, or even slightly winded, he'll figure out how to bring it fix it. If Drew wasn't becoming a physician’s assistant, I'd recommend a career as a first-rate safecracker or Connects creator. He loves to know the "why" behind everything (I'm a little worried about all the questions our future munchkins will ask one day...;) I love this guy!

I get out of the shower one evening to find him sitting Indian-style on the bedroom floor, our huge toolbox beside him and the doorknob in pieces. Fifteen minutes later, voila! In my hand is a bedroom doorknob that feels like it was greased with butter.

“Hey, did you know that a key would work for these doors?” Drew asks me.

“Yeah, but we don’t have any.”

“They’re available everywhere.”

“Really? You think Lowes would have one? Mmm…”

We’ve had a few instances when, having guests over, one will barge in on another. I believe I've actually walked in on someone before. *embarrassed* A key would be quite handy in there! And I know it would give the person inside a feeling of security. Hmm…I wonder if old-fashioned keys are made in China?


  1. yeesss A key would be good in there. PS. love all your photos. PPS. I knew that I would have to write a post about the key to my new studio, but now I shall have to do it pronto. You will be jealous - it is awesome.