Monday, August 2, 2010

Seven down, five more to go!

It feels like forever and two days since I posted anything. I certainly didn't set any record-breaking numbers for "amount of posts written in July," but I figure that's what August is for - a fresh clean month in which to write 30+ posts. :p Drew and I are now into Month Eight of the embargo...and boy, is that hard for me to believe. It's been eight months since I bought something from China.

I was at a book convention this past weekend and Friday and Saturday were effortless. I bought food. I ate my food. I filled the van with gas. I paid for the hotel room. No China anything in sight.

But wouldn't ya know it, my nemesis, the mall, reared its tempting head on Sunday. Honestly, I'm realizing I should stay away from that place altogether. It was the same old story...I'm running into Dillards to check out a sale on purses. Finding nothing, I take a right which leads me right past the lingerie department and all these sale bins chock full of underwear that are marked "$1.99 and up" (side note: don't you hate how it's "and up?" Why can't the sign simply read "$1.99?"). The brand I was eying a few weeks ago has now gone down in price by about $4. And it's STILL made in China (trust me, I picked up about five different pairs, hoping that just one might be made somewhere else. No luck). The nerve.

I need a dress for my cousin's wedding, so Katrina and I will be hitting the stores on Wednesday. If I don't land the jackpot at any of the downtown boutiques, I may just find myself back at Dillards, scouring the racks for a dress. But this time I'm staying far far away from the lingerie department.

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