Friday, December 10, 2010

Bargain hunter

At first I was going to pretend that nothing happened. Just to see if you noticed. But then two, three days went by and I realized this was serious business. Who makes a commitment to blog daily, then jumps off the boat? To be perfectly candid, I completely forgot. :(

On another note, I re-discovered consignment shopping (always a wonderful option because Drew and I created a China exemption when it comes to consignment). It comes and goes with me, and today, it was totally on! I've been craving a pair of black flats for months now. Back in the day when Sam & Libby ballet flats were the "in" thing, I had several pairs. Remember them? Soft leather shoes with a ridiculous bow on the top that came in soft pastels, gold, and silver? Oh, those babies were comfortable.

Flats are back in style (go figure) and I've been wanting another pair, but it seems like every time I pick one up it's m.i.c. Drew and I ducked into Plato's Closet today (I was ready for a night of shopping, he wanted nothing better than an evening at home, so we compromised and made it a short night out) and he asks curiously why I don't buy shoes from a consignment store.

"They're so much cheaper," he says, studying a price tag and no doubt thinking of all my expensive heels, wedges, sandals, sneakers galore lined up in our tiny closet. Usually, I'm a little squeamish when it comes to previously owned shoes. My bare feet in someone else's shoes? When there are all those grimy foot conditions? Yuck. But desperation calls for unique measures and I carefully studied all my options. Unfortunately, I didn't find any cute flats in my size. Calling all size 8 1/2 ladies: I DID find a sexy pair of black books, Brazilian made and leather, for only $16! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw "leather upper." For only $16? Crazy. I left the store with a beautiful white and gray patterned dress - 3/4 sleeves, a rounded neckline, and made of soft, clingy material - for $14. My good friend Chesnee's wedding is coming up in January (as well as a certain someone's anniversary on Monday!) and I do believe I'm set.

Reminiscing about my Sam & Libby flats inspired me to put up this picture from back in the day.

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