Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm a thinkin', I'm a thinkin'

I'm seeing an end in sight - I kid you not, it's a light winking at me after I've trudged down a narrow, twisted tunnel - and I wonder, is it wrong to be...well, excited? I want a pair of black boots badly. And seriously, I don't think anyone's even heard of plastic sheet protectors outside of China. But the part of me that's been at this for twelve months feels bad for being happy. After all, if we stuck it out for a year, why not two? Or three? Or forever?

Friends have asked us what we're planning on doing after this year is up. I've given everyone a very non-committal answer because honestly, I had no clue. But the juices have started to bubble and I think I may finally have an answer.

TBA ("bubbling" doesn't signify completion - a prolonged exposure to high temperatures may be required before a result is reached)...

These are pictures from a shoot I did with Drew back in the fall. After getting plenty of white stuff recently, it was fun digging out photos of Western North Carolina's gorgeous display of reds, yellows, and oranges.

This is Drew's pensive, model expression. ;) He adamantly dislikes being the subject of photo shoots, yet patiently (and sometimes with the kookiest expressions - see above) puts up with my camera in his face. I love this guy.

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