Friday, December 31, 2010

The eve of a new resolution...

Drew and I are 5 hours and 53 minutes away from January 1st, 2011, and I still don't know what the new New Year's resolution is going to be. Crazy? Perhaps. Having lived through a year of "resolution" - and a darn hard one at that - a wiser soul might suggest that we give ourselves a reprieve. Or at least lighten the load considerably (how does, "I'm giving up green polka dotted socks for a year" sound?!). But I'm a glutton for punishment, so: onward ho! Let's pick another toughie!

Maybe after a little bubbly tonight - perhaps a lot of bubbly - my brain productivity will be operating at peak capacity and I'll come up with a smashing resolution. You doubt that too, eh?

*In confidence, so do I.*

But by hook or crook, I'm going to have a resolution tomorrow. Stay tuned. And happy happy New Year!!!

Remembering last year's festivities (see above)!

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