Saturday, January 8, 2011

Of collards and dancing lessons in two thousand and one-one

At last, I've figured it out. My sister and I are both list junkies (if you're reading her blog or mine, you'll have that fact figured out in three seconds flat. We're ALWAYS talking about making lists, sticking to our lists, creating new lists... ;) and my 2011 New Year's resolution is, of course, a list.

Are you surprised?

So here it goes, in no particular order of importance. I plan to:

1. Run another 5k
2. Take dancing lessons
3. Bake 3 different kinds of breads
4. Snap photographs like crazy (or like a crazy person? Hmmm...), particularly portraiture
5. Document our first 2 years of marriage
6. Take a writing class
7. Make zanier clothing purchases
8. Stop eating when I’m full v. eating ‘til I’m stuffed
9. Write a short story in the style of Madeleine L’Engle
10. Prepare dishes w/collards, eggplant, & shitake mushrooms (each food item, of course, get its own dish)
11. FMEA (For My Ears Only), until it's ready TBA (To Be Announced)
12. Sew an adorably cute dress

This is how it works. I'll choose something from my list every month and do it. Some of these things will obviously take longer than a month. But they're things I genuinely WANT to do (I cheated and stole a few from my "Things I want to do" list!); some are highly intelligent, others sensible, and a few downright silly (a month of NOT stuffing myself? What dummy came up with THAT resolution?). This stuff makes me happy and excited to commence. I'm hoping it will stretch me in interesting ways, educate, even scare me a tad.

I'm changing the old blog around for '11 as well. Let me know if ya like the changes!

Props to 2011. May it be even better than '10!


  1. I finally updated myself on all your old posts, and I'm all caught up now! LOL I like the idea of a list! I finally got started on my Cradle List :) Can't wait to see how it goes!

  2. Do tell! What's on your cradle list?

  3. what IS a cradle list? And btw, I think you should change the font on your blog subheading - it's a little too hard to read. Also, I like your list. Although it seems a little intense. buona fortuna!