Monday, January 24, 2011

For the love of snow!

The little gnome that mans the weather tower is busy calling the shots like nobody's business. I'm guessing we've had about eight snow days so far, but who remembers for sure (except for the gnome, of course)? One year, there's no white stuff and the skiing conditions are pathetic. But we've certainly had our fair share of snow these past few months (white Christmas, anyone?!) and the word on the streets is that we're getting more this week.

"It's gonna be just like Christmas," my brother Linas declared last night.

"We're getting twelve inches of snow," a violin student informed me during her lesson.

"Stay tuned..." is what I get from ashevilleweather.com - in a nutshell.

The remnants from the last storm - those oddly shaped mounds of dirty snow - are almost gone, so it seems only right that we get bombarded with another biggie. In honor of more snow, I'm posting pictures of snow.

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