Wednesday, March 16, 2011

dogs are to mailmen as cats are to...lazy people?

Owning a dog is like being a mail man. Remember the mail man's motto, "Through rain or sleet or shine...?" A dog owner has to be just as committed, just as determined. Pull on those Wellies when it's raining, kids, 'cause the dog ain't gonna walk himself. Is it really snowing outside? Bundle up, because Fido adores a good romp in the white stuff. And don't get me started on walking a seventy-five pound dog up a hill in the August sun...sweat traipsing a slow line on my neck, under my tank, winding its way down just as surely as a roller coaster.

Cats, on the other hand, are all about laziness. They can be lazy, I can be lazy. However, make note that I WILL suffer the consequences of my laziness eventually. Couches sporting a second skin of shed fur after a weekend away? Check. A bedroom door unintentionally left open and kitty wanders in? Check. And then there's the ominous odor of the cat box...check.

I grabbed the familiar Ingles plastic bag, shoved my feet into rain boats, and trudged into feline territory. Nothing doing, the box was full of shit'n piss. Pardon my French. However, the feline population has so perfected their...well, urination, that I believe the substance truly defines the word piss.

Why this particular random reflection today? Well, Drew was at work so I was cleaning the cat box (normally his chore). What do YOU usually think about when scooping poop?

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  1. Never done it, and hopefully never will!

    Wait, I take that back. I don't have to clean a litter box, but I do have to pick up my dogs' poop when they go on the grass in the complex. So never mind.