Sunday, March 6, 2011

knitting - couches = a slightly sore camper

It's only been twenty-four hours but already, I miss owning a couch.

I've been on a knitting rampage for the past five or so hours (I'm very excited about the project, but way too exhausted to rhapsodize on its awesomeness. Also, it happens to be a hush hush thing for the moment). My brain and fingers are tired and slightly numb. First, I sat on an uber uncomfortable kitchen chair (may I add it's wooden?). Even with my feet up on another uber uncomfortable kitchen chair, it wasn't so bad. Than too much time went by and it was b.a.d. I switched to a slightly more comfortable weird chair (I say "weird" because it's low and black and very round and reminds me of something you'd put in a college dorm room) and that helped. A lot. But five hours later, it's midnight and I'm tired. The knitting needles have stopped clicking and are tucked away in their bag.

My country for a couch! We sold ours yesterday for $100 (a spectacularly awesome deal, since I was ready to give them away for free). My new (new to me, used to the original owner) couches should arrive on Tuesday.

This is the blue baby I said goodbye to yesterday. I don't miss them - they were old, very comfortably used, and I was ready to say "Ciao. Enjoy your new owners." But oh, I can't wait until Tuesday.

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  1. Yay for new furniture! Only one more day :)