Friday, March 11, 2011

shoes...need I say more?

I bought shoes today. Two pairs. I told the sales lady that it was her lucky day - and not mine - when I decided to walk in. But that wasn't true. The most delicious part of shoe shopping is 1. showing them off to a fellow shoe lover (or to someone like hubby who gets a kick out of your tremendous deal...but more about that later) and 2. trying them on again when you get home.

Asheville folk, check out Christine's Consignment Shop next time you're on Broadway. It's trendy. And as Giedre told me, it's a grown-up thrift store. Their clothes are organized not only according to kind (dresses here, tops there, etc. etc.) but you'll find a section of white, ivory, cream tops and another of just black (perfect for me --> you'll find me perusing the former). Awe-some.

Sweet sweet Guess wedges. I desperately wanted a pair of wedges for this summer and was half dreading/half anticipating the shopping trip for them. I walked into Tops the other day - our local shoe store in the downtown district - and wouldn't you know it, the pair I liked was $130. Uh, no. This pair? A sweet $15!

Have I mentioned that I'm a flat fiend? This store was apparently visited by a girl with my shoe size...I've never seen so many 8-9 size shoes in one consignment store. The color is okay - I'd prefer something brighter or perhaps just plain black - but the style is loverly. And the comfort factor? Bliss. These babies are made by Naturalizer, a pricey brand that's all about comfort. And yes, these flats DO feel a little like walking on $75+ clouds that I got for $15. ;)


  1. Christine's Consignment Shop...I'm on it!!!

  2. Katie, they've got a clearance room in the back. I was running late meeting people for dinner so I only had time to check out the shoes, but you should def. check it out! Gabi, I'm just waiting for it to get a wee bit warmer so I can wear 'em! Check out your local thrift stores...you're in a bigger city, so you should find some pretty sweet stuff.