Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chef a la Drew

When I make dinner, it involves a cookbook or a magazine or the Internet or a friend's "here's-how-ya-do-it." I stick (or try to, anyway. I'm not really great at reading the directions before diving in). But when Drew makes a meal, he uses the normal methods for finding a recipe, than the fun begins. He pops an ingredient in there, takes another away from here, fudges a little when he's supposed to use a tablespoon (two tablespoons will work just as well). And he creates a masterpiece.

Like the one below.

What is it exactly? Well, I'll call it an Asian style sweet potato & broccoli smorgasbord sprinkled with cinnamon and soy sauce and topped with a few cheese sticks (unexpected - I had made them for that evening's girls' night - but a very welcome addition). Does it look strange? Yes. Was it delicious? Hell's yeah! We feasted on leftovers for two days. I wish I knew how to make it, but unfortunately, my genius chef doesn't take notes.