Monday, April 11, 2011

du. dos. two.

I'm sitting here on the couch, avoiding the mess that is my apartment, and I had to share two things (only two, because then I go into cleaning frenzy mode).

1. The best thing about spring is that scent of newly cut grass floating in on every burst of wind. It just shouts "SPRING!" If it had a color, it would be chartreuse. I'd bottle it up if I could.

2. These lovely bursts of wind aren't COLD anymore, but cool, refreshing, and oh so nice. And to someone who has no AC in her 1900's era apartment, that is a wonderful thing. I keep feeling my hair fluttering and have turned around twice now, thinking I'll find an orange paw batting at my head, but no, it's the breeze.


  1. Just returning the blog love. And totally agree about the scent of newly cut grass. I was smelling it yesterday at the park for the first time this spring and it was like heaven on earth.

  2. spring breezes through open windows. the now early morning and late evening light...oh i love it all. spring, spring, spring i adore thee!