Friday, April 22, 2011

good friday? yes, yes it is.

I dislike a mound of wrinkled laundry that wasn't folded immediately after coming out of the dryer. I sound like the worst kind of picky person, I know, but it's so true that if you fold while clothes are hot, ironing = nil. I spend Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being wildly excited about my weekend, but when I finally get to Friday afternoon, I find myself disgruntled and prone to tears. Why is that? I wish April would slow down...stay awhile. It's my birthday month, darn it, and I'm sad that it's almost over.


Got those nasty dislikes out of the way.

Say what you will, but I swear that an organized closet (or bedroom. or bathroom. or living room) de-stresses me like nothing else. If the clutter is gone, I'm ;-). I absolutely love fishing for a pesto cube and knowing that the doggone days of summer are right around the corner. This means that I will be making fresh pesto very soon (as wonderful as the frozen stuff is, fresh pesto is ninety-nine times better). My new plant makes me happy! It's a ficus, or "sunny fig" and the fact that is resembles a curly head of hair (albeit a green curly head of hair) brings a grin to my face. My birthday is right around the corner and even though I will be turning 26 on the 26th and couldn't visualize 26 possibly being better than 25 (odd numbers rock), I am (finally) convinced that 26 WILL be spectacular. So there.

p.s. A shout out to an awesome new online mag I stumbled upon earlier today at the blog of the wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell (http://or-so-i-feel.blogspot.com). Check it out --> http://www.thevioletonline.com/  Their mantra (right on target!):
We Believe

In the simple life.
In knowing about what we eat.
In bright colors.
That it's really cool to blog.
In hot shoes.
In expressing our femininity.
That you don't have to be a Rockefeller to be a rockstar.
In love stories.
And in being the people that we're meant to be.



  1. you rock my socks, the end.

    ps, i relish:
    1) also the soul-cleansing action of de-cluttering.
    2) phone convos with you (can't wait for tomorrow)
    3) chocolate (yay Easter)

  2. LoveloveLOVE this post. Also - you do know that you can add a link within your sentence without writing out the link, right? (it took me a while to find it at first, too) All you have to do is highlight which text you want to be a link and then hit the little chain icon and it will pop up a box where you specify where you want it to link to.