Monday, April 25, 2011

everyone knows that birthdays galore means the camera's OUT!

My family, well, the majority of us are spring babies. My mom was born on February 22nd, my brother fell on March 21st, Dad's on the 15th of April (which he'll proudly tell you is also the day the Titanic sank AND income tax day), my sister's the 17th, and I'm turning 26 on the 26th. ;) If you count my grandma in the mix (eh, why not?) than she rounds us out by celebrating her 88th birthday in May.

Apparently we're vacation babies, but don't tell anyone I said that.

So...this means that Drew and I have been eating a lot of cake recently. Did I mention that his brother Jeromy's birthday was on March 28th and that we'll be celebrating his mom's birthday on May 8th? Wowzers. In the midst of all these birthday shenanigans, my family plus a few welcome additions (Gintaras' girlfriend Margaret and Giedre's friend Gintas, who left the Appalachain Trail to be with us ;) celebrated Easter yesterday. Katrina and I slipped off into the backyard for a bit to take some pictures (she's been begging, I was game to practice...). These are my favorites.

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  1. love all the green-ness...best part of shooting in the spring! :D