Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've banished myself to the yard while Drew wraps my birthday presents (it was either that or wait until tonight. Who wants to wait?!). I'm a five-year-old when it comes to presents - I love being surprised, I love tearing open wrapping paper, and I love the excitement and wonder that presents inspire.

So I'm sitting at the picnic table, serenaded by bird song and revving engines, dying to know what my creative hubby is wrapping inside...


  1. Ahhh! Focus! :P

    You shoot a lot of flowers, maybe invest in a macro?

  2. Actually, I posted this one on purpose. The photographer I met w/today was telling me how she's actually reverting back to a non-digital camera and how she likes things to not be so sharp all of the time. As she said, everything doesn't always have to be in focus. ;) So, in honor of her (which is funny, because her name is Honour!) I posted the above flower!

  3. I like it! And I agree...life shouldn't always be incredibly sharp.