Thursday, April 28, 2011

you're a goof and i'm a weirdo

I find that Drew and I are adopting each others weirdo habits (otherwise known as idiosyncrasies!). I’ll start a brand new conversation while we’re smack dab in the middle of another, perfectly good one. This leaves Drew out in left field, wondering what the heck is going on. I’m very good at that. After two years, four months, and fifteen something days later, he’s adjusted. He can actually follow this weird (and rude) shift of mine. And he’s actually done it to me (to ME!) before on occasion. It’s thrown me for a loop, because I’m not used to following a weird conversation shifter.

Apparently we both now say "actually" all the time. No idea who started that.

He cuddles with my pillow if I get up before he does in the morning...and drat, I find myself doing that now too.

I’ve caught myself saying his pet words or phrases and I’ve totally busted him for saying mine (of course, I can’t remember right now what those words are. They’ll come to me eventually, probably in the middle of dinner as we’re slathering whipped cream over our waffles or while we watch the special, hour-long episode of “The Office” tonight. But those words won’t come now, oh no sir they won't).

Looking at it right now, at 8:30 at night, I think this is cool. After all, who can possibly live with another human being without adopting at least SOME of their weirdness?


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  1. haha This is so familiar to me as well - it's more often that Jonathan mimics my -isms... as he doesn't really have that many of his own. But he is quirky in his own right, and I love him for it, and he loves me, and we are figuring out life together.