Friday, April 29, 2011

kate...otherwise known as the Duchess of Cambridge

What better way to start a weekend than with a wedding? I didn't mean for this William'n Kate immersion to happen, but happen it did. What can I say? I'm a sucker for fairy tales. A commoner meets a prince, they're friends first, lovers second, and then there they go, down the aisle? yep, I love it. I watched a movie about them today at work, came home to see Yahoo buzzing with news, than was inundated with Kate this and that on my blog feeder. I must admit, I WAS curious about The Dress. And wow, it really was gorgeous. Folks, lace is always in. It's classic and oh so sexy. Kate Middleton looks like the neighbor next door - nice, fun, and pretty - and I hope today is the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for them.



  1. Man, I was actually a tad disappointed in the dress... It was pretty, but I expected more. I mean, she's a real-life princess!!! She could have had something so much more billowy and glorious and theatrical! And the bouquet was a tad small-ish... 'Twas smaller than mine... I guess I expected larger than life. Perhaps she was making her own statement about not wanting the extravagance, but speaking for myself, I crave extravagance in a fairy tale. I wish them every happiness though. She looked at least as though it was the happiest day of her life :D

  2. Agreed! I did think the bouquet was small. Some commentator said that maybe it's because she was trying to play up the dress, but I think the bouquet looked a little ridiculous. Bigger, bigger! I absolutely loved the top of her dress (that lace really got me), but I agree that the skirt could have been way more billowy. I was actually surprised about the long sleeves - they were beautiful - but incredibly modest. Check out a pic of Grace Kelly...her lace went up to her throat! And the veil was a letdown. :( It was very simple.

  3. she looked nothing short of gorgeous...but a bottom with more billow...i would've liked to see that too!