Tuesday, May 3, 2011

before midnight strikes

I've been going to bed late a lot recently. And today, I told myself, I am making an exception. I've already cheated a little (eh, 11:30, 12, what's the difference?), but I won't tell (HP's already said he wouldn't) if you won't.

My computer is chock full of pictures - a downtown shoot w/my friend Ben, birthday pictures, images from Easter Sunday, my very first couple shoot, a trash-the-wedding-dress shoot that I tagged along to, and those ever present random moment shots. And where, might you ask, is the evidence? Oh yeah, I haven't put them up yet. *shamefaced*

So...I'm hauling my sorry butt off to bed and leaving you with three random images.


the little bugger posed for me

Would you say Trix is a diva?


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