Monday, May 9, 2011

the best of Mondays

Today has been an absolutely smashing Monday. <-- Those words, coming out of my --> mouth...yeah, only once in a very very blue moon (and I'm not talking about the delicious liquid-y stuff). No big reason in particular; just a lot of very small, very insignificant reasons.

{I know I'm happier when I walk 15 min. to work instead of drive 5, so I did that today. My neighborhood has some of the prettiest streets in Asheville (I AM biased) and being out in the fresh air for 30 min. on a Monday succeeds in making me darn happy. This is why I'm self-employed, I tell myself happily.}

{There wasn't a terribly large amount of laundry to do at the B&B today (check!). It's always intimidating to walk in to a three foot by five foot pile of laundry. Yuck.}

{I had chicken on toast for lunch. No biggie, you say? Try topping the chicken with fresh lettuce (the kind that I find the occasional, contended spider lazing about on) and Thousand Island dressing. This was my aunt's solution to the munchies that inevitably follow Thanksgiving dinner, except with turkey v. chicken. Add a dill pickle on the side and you have a very happy me.}

{My lunch hour was made even more enjoyable by the fact that Drew was home to eat with me.}

{Music lessons went swimmingly. One of my kiddos, let's call him John, will be performing in a recital this Sunday. The two of us only found out about it today, so we worked like mad, he playing and I instructing, to get him ready. "So," he says, "If I win first place, do you want me to show you?" I'm confused. "Show me what?" "My ribbon," he says confidently. I explain that there are no ribbons at a recital. "You might get a certificate," I offer. He doesn't seem impressed. "But do you want me to bring it in?" "Sure," I say, but again attempt to stress that it would most certainly be a certificate v. a ribbon. "Will I get money?" he asks, with a gleam in his eye. Kids.}

{Food makes me smile and dinner was pretty fantabulous as well, especially since it was complemented by a glass of red wine. Seriously, how can red wine not make everything hum? One glass = a content me.}

{Drew left a while ago to go fishing (night fishing? Do they bring lights?) with a few of his friends. It makes me so happy when Drew is happy.}

{Blogging, goofing off, perhaps teasing the cats, watching Grey's...yes indeed, it has been the Best of Mondays.}

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  1. +sigh+

    i again forgot to call. and i have such delicious things to share!

    sorry i couldn't add to the marvelousness of your monday, but perhaps i will instead help make your tuesday tremendous. i look forward to it.

    love ya, lady.