Friday, May 27, 2011

the iPad - friend or foe?

Do you know how frustrating it is to do anything on an iPad (besides read a book)? Granted, the Internet connection IS slow, so that's not doing me any favors. But the screen is so small. My fingers are so big. The tapping of a flat surface is so...unsatisfying. I'm almost ready to pull open the hotel door and run down the carpeted hallways, yelling loudly. Did I mention that I'm already rocking my pajamas?

The only thing stopping me is my mother. She's sitting across from me, gleefully pouring beer into three small, plastic cups. It's her favorite beer - a Belgain Kriek - and she wants to share so badly. The brew is purple-ish in hue and comes in a large green bottle that has a bottle cap AND a cork. Nice, huh? I'm full of Greek salad and Mellow 'shroom pizza, so the fact that this beer tastes like fruity, albeit alcoholic, soda is awesome to me.

I'm ready to say "farewell" to the town of Winston-Salem. My mom, brother, and I have been here, selling books, for the past few days. This is actually my dad's gig - selling science and history texts, audios, etc. to homeschoolers - but he had a huge book convention to go to in Florida this weekend, so I'm pitching in. I'm remembering exactly why I didn't become a salesperson...florescent lights, concrete floors, pasting on a cheery smile, mumbling the mantra "the customer is always right" under my breath, nope, this life is not for me. But for one weekend, I can do it.

Luckily my mom has an iPad or I could be off the grid for days. Ugh. So thank you iPad, even if you do annoy me.