Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wednesday morning

A shower first thing in the morning.
That bright burst of juicy flavor that is Suave's Green Apple shampoo.
Crunchy Cheerios inside a lemon yellow bowl,
happily turning soggy.
Orange juice housed in a Del Monte Tropical Mixed Fruit jar...
it smells weird.
A shot of celery green, rays of gold, my neighbor weeding and watering the garden. 
Piles forming an uneven line down my bed - underwear, tops, see the colorful picture?
Coughing loudly enough to scare someone...
since when does a summer cold include 1. a stuffy nose, 
2. a voice change,
3. general feelings of blah and laziness,
and 4. loud coughing? Shouldn't it be limited to ONE of the above?
It feels absolutely wonderful to have a fan whirring busily over my wet head.
The clock reads 9:06.
I suppose I should finish packing...perhaps apply some makeup?
Brush two cats who are entirely over endowed with fur.
Gone to Winston-Salem.
See you soon.



  1. summer colds are the worst!! i hope you feel better. love the details of this post--soggy cereal and all!

  2. oh lordy, feel better- this is really lovely, despite feeling icky!

  3. thanks guys. ;) Already feeling mucho better!