Tuesday, May 17, 2011

plastic ovals, anyone?

I'm prying my eyes open because the little pieces of plastic sticking to my pupils are slowly but surely drying up. The computer screen is turning blurry. *yawn* I was going to rhapsodize about how, even though today was the most miserable day (weather-wise) that the mountains have seen in a month, I ate fresh basil today. And it was awesome. I chopped the savory green stuff up and scattered it over my tomato soup (because we all know that cold, yucky weather calls for soup. Pronto!) and felt warmth seeping into my bones. But no, my eyes WILL shut if I don't remove these darn plastic ovals.


  1. No offense, but I don't think "little plastic ovals" are a good way to describe contacts. I immediately envisioned you stuffing some weird containers into your eye socket. Not a pretty picture. :D

  2. See, I think it works because I first called them "little pieces of plastic." So when I call them "darn plastic ovals," it's all good - you already know what I'm talking about. lol