Friday, May 13, 2011

Can you say "bottle-of-red-wine-gone-in-7-seconds?

Wowzers. I was catching up on my blog reading and found my dream dinner. Love and Olive Oil featured red-wine spaghetti on her blog today and I tell ya, it looks dee-licious. Amazing. Like, I'd love to try it asap. As she points out, why CAN'T you cook pasta in something other than water? But sadly, I too don't want to waste a perfectly lovely $10 bottle of wine...for purple pasta. I did see wine at my local greenie store once upon a time for a whopping $2.99.


Yes. It's been decided. The next I see such a sweet deal, I will make purple pasta.

In other news, Drew and I served up beef kabobs tonight for some friends. Our temperamental mountain weather decided to dish out the thunder like this wasn't Friday night - the start of a glorious weekend - so we broiled the kabobs instead of grilling them. I love the idea of marinades, but have never taken the time to explore the endless possibilities and flavors associated with them (and I'm also lazy. I don't know what I'm eating a few hours before dinner, let alone twenty-four hours before). After trying this particular marinade out, I'd like to change that. Check out this post on food.com for the recipe.

*I halved it (for 1.5 lbs. of beef) and left out the teriyaki (don't have any :(, but it was still excellent.

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