Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the "un-named" post

I've been feeling stressed lately. A lot. a. Crunch time has rolled around and Drew's applying to the first batch of schools. b. So of course I start to worry about the future. c. The little blocks in my calendar are way more full of work than I had anticipated. Ugh. d. I'm feeling antsy - I'm geared up for a terrific adventure...but don't see one ahead. e. Meanwhile, a few anthills have popped up in front me (I'm feeling helpful, so I'll say these hills are metaphors for friendship uh-oh's in my personal life) and I'm really struggling with how to tackle them.

And unluckily for me, Drew is now working the twilight shift, 3PM to 10 PM (although let's be honest here, he never actually gets off at 10PM - it's more like midnight or later). I'm grateful for the second income - really, I am! - but it's hard being alone every night. Or rather, being here with only my stressed self for company (oh yes, and two cats).

I'm getting depressed just thinking about all of this. And I'm sounding whiny.

I then remember that we're taking off very very early Thursday morning for the airport, where a tiny plane will take us to Ft. Myers, Florida. This weekend is all about catching up with a few very good friends and taking in as much beach and pool time as I can stand.

So farewell, stress. You are wreaking havoc with my life and so, I bid you farewell.

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  1. Are you implying that your cats are in fact causing you stress?