Saturday, June 11, 2011

fist pump!

Feet are a little sore, my two CF cards ran home with someone else (sniff), and the back of my left ankle is sporting a sweet little red welt (my clumsy self getting caught up with an electrical cord...sheesh), BUT I helped shoot my very first wedding today! *fist pump*

*another fist pump*

*awww heck, okay, ANOTHER fist pump!*

Can you tell I'm excited? I've been shooting with a Canon Rebel xTi since last January. I've convinced family, friends, and non-friends to pose for portraits. I was that annoying person - who's not the professional photographer - snapping away at friends' weddings. But this time, I was the one clutching a backstage pass in my hands...and it was FUN! 

Thank you to the fabulous Jesse Kitt of Jesse Kitt Photgraphy for graciously allowing me to be her assistant today. Cheers for another wedding in two weeks!

As I said earlier, my CF cards took off for a few days, so I can't share any images from today's wedding. To make up for that sad fact, reader, meet pudgy grass dude. This is what happens when panty hose encounters garden dirt and grass seed. No, a preschooler created this guy, not me.

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  1. HUZZAH FOR SHOOTING FIRST WEDDINGS! ! ! ! ! !! :) Also: you should link Jessie's site in your post - linkage is always awesomeness (for your own site as well as hers) Can't wait to see images! :) PS. little panty hose dude is very superb.