Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cheese on my head

We were eating cheese the other day, Drew and I. Mine was bundled snugly in my veggie wrap, he was eating a big, yellow and white flecked slice of the stuff. He starts talking about Gus (who? I wonder), their family dog from eons ago. Apparently Gus and Drew's younger brother Jeromy were tykes together. Jer used to walking around the house often clutching a slice of cheese in his hands, and the hungry puppy was always snatching it away from him. Being a clever kid, Jeromy decided to stick the cheese on top of his head, where Gus couldn't reach. I instantly had a mental image of a tow-headed Jeromy, Colby Jack cheese balanced on his head, followed by a squirmy puppy, eagerly pursuing. Oh, memories.

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